2018 Easter Cross Witness

A CBS report on the Easter Cross Witness

In the first year of this witness, 2005, the local CBS affiliate did a story on Good Friday about the Easter Cross Wtiness. This 90 Sec. clip will, in a nut-shell, explains the heart of this witness.


October 15, 1984 was a bluebird autumn day. My new wife and I were on an extended trip to Europe…

Fast Facts

The Easter Cross Witness seeks to be a catalyst for all of the branches of the church to come together in unity…


The Easter Cross Witness was created to give disciples of Jesus Christ an opportunity during the Easter Season…


The Easter Cross Witness has three specific goals as it stretches across this country from town to town, state to state and eventually around the world.


Cel-e-brate. Verb: to make known publicly; proclaim: The newspaper celebrated the end of the war in red headlines.


The greatest privilege you will ever have is to be a link in the chain of events that leads another person to the Cross of Jesus Christ.