The Easter Cross Witness was created to give disciples of Jesus Christ an opportunity during the Easter Season to witness to the Risen Christ. A cross is placed blank side out during the Lenten Season and is turned on Easter Sunday to declare, “He is Risen…And It is Finished! The Easter Cross Witness was created to be a witness; not yard art or an Easter decoration. The Easter Cross Witness gives a visual witness that prayerfully creates opportunities for a verbal witness. The Holy Spirit has used the ECW to testify to the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a powerful, tangible way.

  • The ECW is a way a YOUR church can enlist all of its members to be missionaries in the communities and neighborhoods that God has placed them.
  • The ECW gives believers a tangible witnessing tool to express their faith during Holy Week. It is the prayer that the silent witness of the crosses placed in yards will give opportunity for a verbal witness.  Many have come to faith or have begun a journey that hopefully will lead their heart to the foot of the cross.
  • As thousands of crosses go up in your community, this emboldens the timid to participate.  Many have expressed this witness got them over the hump to share the hope that is within them with their neighbors for the first time.
  • Neighbors discover new family members who live close by as the crosses Demark the homes others who rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    • The ECW binds the body of Christ together as churches of all denominations gather together under the cross in unity.  We are Better Together.  30 plus denominations (cousins) have participated to date.
    • Prayer sheet & stake attached. Crosses are $6/cross.
    • The official witness runs from Palm Sunday until the week after Easter

    Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.

    William Carey 1792